Network Security

Network Security

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Today, nearly all business and financial operations are technology-driven, making IT systems central to the organization’s sustainability. This means nothing is more important than ensuring the security and availability of those systems and protecting both sensitive corporate information and the personal information of employees and customers.

Northpoint can assist organizations with the implementation of a security strategy ensuring alignment with industry standards and best-practice. Our expert security involvement throughout the lifecycle of business and infrastructure projects includes the review of network architecture, application design, penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. Our clients are provided with security policies and procedures that are effectively planned and implemented to remove the security risk and ensure business continuity.

Services offered

  • Project Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Network Installation
  • Systems Integration Management
Security and reliability are paramount in the financial services sector. Sagicor’s Shared Service IT is actively managing their exposure to security risks and has been implementing frameworks of leading industry practices and benchmarks. To that extent, we looked for an organization will the capability of assisting us through the process of attaining extremely high levels of security compliance. In Northpoint Consulting, we found a partner that not only has the knowledge but also a very flexible delivery model enabling us to utilise their highly skilled resources as and when required. I would recommend Northpoint Consulting to any organisation that needs the skills of a experienced security resources and a tailored approach to delivery to suit their own needs.  Susan Boyea VP, Shared Services IT, Sagicor Financial