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The Hospitality Industry is one of the most significant revenue generating sectors in the Caribbean region. Some territories depend substantially on foreign exchange and investment from this service sector to ensure that they are able to maintain and improve their economic position. Sun, Sand and Sea have been the draw of the conventional tourist to the Caribbean shores for decades. However competition is stiff from other tropical markets so innovation is key to ensuring that the Caribbean nations are able to maintain their competitive edge. Technology is the perfect enabler for that.

We recognize that ICT in the Hospitality Industry is becoming increasingly critical. Our tailor made solutions and services like IPTV and in-room Wireless provide the needed value add and differentiated services for hotel guests.


CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa, a luxury, five-star resort hotel in Anguilla, required a video solution to provide in-room entertainment options for its guests such as high-definition TV channels and Over-The Top Internet content. Our client, a leading service provider in the Caribbean, engaged Northpoint Consulting to lead in the end-to-end delivery of the solution for the renowned resort.

CuisinArt previously had an IP based Video On Demand (VOD) solution and wanted to augment this with the high-definition linear play service. Northpoint worked with CuisinArt to review their business needs which focused on ensuring a first-class guest experience – two significant requirements being exceptionally high quality video and no additional Set top boxes (STBs) in the guests’ rooms.

Northpoint designed and developed a solution that offered the resort all the features and services that met their requirements. Given that CuisinArt wanted to maintain their existing VOD service and at the same time not introduce any additional STBs, the new IPTV service needed to integrate seamlessly with the resort’s existing VOD solution.

To achieve this, the Northpoint engineering team deployed an IPTV Content Delivery Network (CDN) at the service provider’s head-end. The CDN was then used as the single source for the IPTV and VOD, over a single STB in each guest room. For the IPTV CDN Northpoint provided the design and effected the equipment installation, cabling, configuration, integration and acceptance testing. Northpoint provided Project Management expertise for the entire project, within the set budget and CuisinArt’s timeline.

Services offered

  • Project Engineering
  • Project Design (FTTH + IPTV)
  • Project Management
  • Network Installation
  • Systems Integration Management
We were introduced to Northpoint Consulting when looking for a high definition TV solution to include with our existing Video On Demand service. The Northpoint Engineering Consultants were very responsive and within a short space of time evaluated the way our current solution was deployed across the resort. Using their expertise, they were quickly able to determine that it would be feasible to reuse our existing network and Set-top-boxes, which was very important to us. Within two months the team at Northpoint was in my office demonstrating a working linear IPTV solution that was seamlessly integrated with our existing VOD service and PMS.  Romez Webster IT Manager, CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa.